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Biodynamic Gardening

May 4th and May 8th

(details below)


Curious about gardening with the stars?

Enlivening a more co-creative relationship between humans and the Earth?

Growing more vital soil and food?

Join us for this introductory course in Biodynamics, a holistic, ecological, and ethical approach to farming, gardening, food, and nutrition. 


We will focus mainly on gardening and students will leave with an understanding of what Biodynamic gardening is and how it is similar and different from organic gardening and why one may choose Biodynamics.

 Students will also leave with a general understanding of the core practices of Biodynamics including:

  • Cultivating our Awareness as Gardeners

  • The Garden/Farm as its own Living Organism

  • Working in rhythm with lunar, stellar and planetary forces affecting plant growth

  • Nourishing compost, soil and plant life with Biodynamic Preparations and Sprays

  • Expanding Biodiversity in our gardens

  • Holistic Approaches to Pests and Disease

  • Renewing Social, Economic and Environmental Health

Biodynamic Gardening Part 1

Tuesday, May 4th

7 - 8:45pm on Zoom


This evening workshop may appeal more to our heads and hearts as we overview everything above and connect with the practical and esoteric elements of Biodynamics.   Full of refreshing information, the workshop will also include inspiring stories, gorgeous photos and a heartfelt, meditative connection with the land where you are.   This course is a prerequisite for Biodynamic Gardening Part 2.  It will be recorded so if you are not able to attend live, you could listen to it anytime before May 8th. 





Our Environmental Access Fund will provide participation for anyone who is experiencing financial hardship OR those who are Black, Indigenous, Asian, Latinx or have been otherwise racialized.

Biodynamic Gardening Part 2

Saturday, May 8th

  2 - 5 pm

in person, on the farm


This afternoon workshop may appeal more to our hearts and hands as we potentize, stir, spray and extend love and the Biodynamic Preparations to a compost pile and to the spring garden soil.   These homeopathic-like preparations are made from 7 herbs, cow manure and quartz crystal.   Farmers are nothing if not practical.  The thousands of farmers around the work, successfully utilizing these practices to grow vital foods (and award winning foods and wines) attest to the efficacy of these intriguing practices.   Part 1 is a prerequisite for this workshop

Future Workshops

If there is further interest, we may add future workshops deepening our understanding of Biodynamics.


Workshop Facilitator - Deb Denome

In 1997, when five women co-founded Shimmering Light (then known as Seeking Common Ground), they hired an experience Biodynamic farmer to come lead the way.  Woody Wodraska was quite a character and he lived in his trusty camper on the farm from March 1997- September 1999.  With 2 preschoolers in tow, happily playing in mud pools and bean tipis, Deb apprenticed with him every day. 


Perhaps the most powerful lesson was the importance of attuning to the land and the beings who call it home (a lesson that has been continually deepened as an Herbalist and Forest Therapy Guide).  Of course, there are many other truly fascinating aspects of Biodynamics, which is meant to be a living practice that evolves as humanity and the Earth evolve. 


For a wide variety of “reasons”, we stopped practicing Biodynamics at the farm for a few years.  It has been a sweet homecoming, returning to this sacred dance that unfolds anew each day. 


We have been long-time members of the Biodynamic Association and Deb is now also an active member of the Finger Lakes Biodynamic Study Group based in Trumansburg. 

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