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Shimmering Light Farm is a small scale, diverse, ecologically-grown farm located in South Bristol, NY. We abide by the Farmer's Pledge, a philosophical belief set forth by the Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York (NOFA-NY) which states that “farmers should work in harmony with natural forces and leave the little piece of the world over which they have stewardship in better condition than when they found it.” 

Over 400 families have participated in our cooperative gardens where we have sown, grown and celebrated a vibrant organic harvest - and our vibrant community - each season.


Due to insufficient water prior to and during the 2016 drought,  we have suspended our CSA while we develop a sustainable water system through our 3-year Water Stewards program, funded by the Guido and Ellen Palma Foundation.     


​We will still have some fruits and herbs and honey in production at the farm, many educational programs and a small Community Garden.


Community garden members will cooperatively plan, plant, tend, and harvest vibrant produce, social connections, horticulture skills and physical & emotional health.  This is not a traditional community garden with separate plots, but a cooperative garden that we design and manage together.   Email us if your are interested in learning more.  Our Water Stewards team has recommend ways to collect and conserve enough water for a small garden this growing season.

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Shimmering Light

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