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The Farm & Community Garden

Shimmering Light Farm is a small scale, diverse, ecologically-grown farm located in South Bristol, NY.  Together we steward and preserve 30 acres of prime development land, overlooking Canandaigua Lake.  We abide by the Farmer's Pledge, a philosophical belief set forth by the Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York (NOFA-NY) which states that “farmers should work in harmony with natural forces and leave the little piece of the world over which they have stewardship in better condition than when they found it.”  


We gratefully acknowledge that modern American agriculture, herbalism and nature connection practices rest squarely on the shoulders of many generations of black and brown people whose lands, labor, culture, knowledge and/or wisdom were taken by force.  

Shimmering Light Farm & Renewal Center is located on the unceded home of the Seneca people.  The majority of medicines grown and used here were taught to white colonists by Native herbalists.  Charging members of the Seneca and other nations of the Haudenosaunee for herbal knowledge is unjust.  

Since 2021 our Environmental Access Fund provides participation for anyone who is experiencing financial hardship OR those who identify as Black, Indigenous, Asian, Latinx or have been otherwise racialized.

We are also inviting those who identify as Black, Indigenous, Asian and Latinx teachers to share their knowledge and skills as paid Instructors on the farm. 

These are first, small steps in making amends for past wrongs and we are researching more.  Just as nature needs the diversity of All beings to thrive, our world needs the participation, voices, experiences and unique genius of All humans to thrive.  We have a long way to go!  If you have ideas and input on this process, we invite you to join us!

At the farm we implement an array of  regenerative land stewardship practices including Biodynamics, Permaculture, Re-Wilding and Re-Forestation to conserve water, restore habitat, increase biodiversity, sequester carbon, produce nutrient dense foods and be part of co-creating an ever more magnificent world!

Over 450 families have participated in our cooperative gardens where we have sown, grown and celebrated a vibrant organic harvest - and our vibrant community.

Due to insufficient water prior to and during the 2016 drought,  we suspended our CSA while we developed a regenerative water system through our 3-year Water Stewards program, funded by the Guido and Ellen Palma Foundation.    Over 150 youth and adults worked together to research, implement, model and share new permaculture practices at the farm.  During the last three years we have learned immense amounts through our Permaculture mentors, Sean Dembrosky of Edible Acres and Kay Megorden-Staten, and by carefully observing the land herself! 

Our focus has shifted toward smaller annual vegetable gardens and more attention toward the perennial crops that are thriving and expanding here, including scores of wild medicine plants, culinary herbs, berry brambles and our evolving orchard/food forest.  ​

In 2021 we resumed our unique Community Garden where members cooperatively plan, plant, tend, and harvest vibrant produce, social connections, horticulture skills and physical & emotional health.   

Check our the farm membership model that you can find outlined HERE!   There is something for everyone! 

​​Let us know if you have questions!  We hope to see you radiant beings here very soon.  :)

Be Well, Be Safe and Be Assured that together Millions, if not Billions, of people are consciously creating a more just, vital and regenerative world together NOW!

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