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What would you delight in gifting your loved ones this holiday season?  


Relaxation?  Invigoration?  Deep sleep?  Clarity?


Our hope for you at this event is to sink into the season by enjoying some delicious self-care while handcrafting a healing start on your gift list.   We invite you to arrive and wander through nature, letting the beauty of the farm nourish you as you contemplate gift recipients and your intentions for the gifts you would like to create.   If you are craving some extra nourishment, gift yourself a taste of Forest Bathing in the morning and/or drop into Yoga Nidra before you head home!

Savor farm grown, hot herbal tea while making 4 or more herbcrafts, customized with our own organic herbs or pure essential oils that represent your intentions.   Maybe a Lemongrass Peppermint room spray to revive the mind, or a Lavender Lemon Balm Oat Tub Tea to sooth the body and spirit?   Your choice of gifts to make:

  • Essential Oil Room Sprays    Many oils to choose from to clear the air, relax the body, dispel sluggishness and much more...

  • Essential Oil Inhalers   Rosemary to boost memory, anyone?  Eucalyptus to clear the sinuses?  The sky's the limit!

  • Dream Pillows   Our legendary Mugwort, Hops, Lavender and Catnip blend or perhaps an evergreen blend of White Pine, Cedar and Balsam?)

  • Herbal Tub Tea   Spa in a bag!  Over a dozen choices of herbs that immerse the body in green goodness and draw out what is no longer needed.

  • Herbal Smoke/Smudge Sticks   Weave your choice of Cedar, White Pine, Sage, Sweetgrass and/or Mugwort.

Herbcrafts include education on herbs for various purposes, all ingredients, packaging and a label to customize yourself.



Space is limited!



BASIC DAY: $45 includes self-guided walk, tea, and four herb crafts


  • Make additional herbcrafts for $7.50 each

  • Enjoy a light lunch of delish vegetarian soup and bread ($7.50)

  • Extend the love to yourself and commence the day with a 30-minute taste of Forest Bathing ($10; 9:30-10:00am) and/or enjoy a 20-minute Yoga Nidra-inspired Meditation ($10; 1:40-2pm)

  • Browse some pre-made gifts to purchase



9:30 Arrival, Self-Guided Walkabout or Optional Taste of Forest Bathing ($10), Hot Herbal Tea

There will be stations for each herbcraft, with sessions scheduled at:

  • 10:30-11:15

  • 11:15-12:00

  • 12:00-12:45

  • 12:45-1:30

1:40 – 2:00 Optional Yoga Nidra-inspired Meditation ($10)


Please Note:

  • Kids are welcome to participate alongside an adult/guardian.

  • Outdoor masking is optional; please wear masks indoors.

  • Bring weather appropriate gear for nature connection.

  • Some of the herbcraft stations will be in The Gathery, a loft that requires stairs to access. Some walking may be required between stations.

  • Space is limited!  Registration is required to ensure space and supplies.


TUITION:  Suggested tuition starts at $45.   Please indicate on the registration form if you would like to apply to the Environmental Access Fund for tuition assistance.  If you would like to contribute towards tuition assistance for others, please click here: Environmental Access Fund.



Space is limited!