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What would you delight in gifting your loved ones this holiday season?  


Relaxation?  Invigoration?  Radiant Glow?


Our hope for you at this event is to sink into the season by enjoying some delicious self-care while handcrafting a healing start on your gift list.   Upon arrival, we will turn to the inspiration of the Earth, especially the evergreen trees, who have long been central to winter festivities.  As we take in the gifts and nourishment they offer us, we invite you to contemplate gift recipients and your intentions for the gifts you would like to create.  

Savor farm grown, hot herbal tea while making three herbcrafts, customized with the gifts of the evergreens, our own organic herbs and/or pure essential oils that represent your intentions.   The winter calls for increased immune support and many evergreens provide that through their abundance of vitamins, minerals, immune boosting and anti-viral activities.   In addition to gifting others, we will gift ourselves these herbal delights during the day.  Imagine woodland steam wafting through the air, massaging our feet with White Pine Salt Scrub and then immersing them in Herbal Foots Soaks and a guided meditation.  Heaven!  A most relaxing, invigorating start to the holiday season.

We invite you to create...

  • Woodland Stove-top Potpourri   As we close up our windows and indoor air becomes drier, what better medicine than bringing the outdoors in.  Create a blend of verdant evergreens to simmer on the stove and carry their moisture, immune boosting aerosols and the fragrance of the forest into our winter homes.  White Pine, Balsam Fir, White Cedar and more...

  • Three Herbal Foots Soaks   Spa in a bag!  Over a dozen choices of herbs that infuse the body with green goodness and draw out what is no longer needed.   Calm the nervous system, boost immunity, reduce inflammation and refresh the mind.  Amazingly centering for children as well as all young (and/or tired!) at heart.

  • White Pine Salt Scrub   Exfoliate dry winter skin and infuse the fresh layers with rich oils and evergreen vitality.  Salt scrubs also encourage circulation, help to maintain healthy bacterial balance and leave the skin with a beautiful glow.  A wonderful gift for the whole body. 


The day includes education on herbs for various purposes, all ingredients, packaging and a label to customize yourself.  And enough extra to enjoy together!



Space is limited!



     BASIC DAY: $60 includes guided nature-connection, three herbcrafts, a vegetarian lunch and the self-care foot scrubs and soaks with guided meditation.

    ADDITIONAL HOLIDAY GIFTS:  Browse more farm-made holiday gifts for purchase!

Please Note:


  • Kids are welcome to participate alongside an adult/guardian.

  • The event will take place in our Gathery, a loft that requires stairs to access.

  • Space is limited!  Registration is required to ensure space and supplies.


TUITION:  Suggested tuition is $60.   Please indicate on the registration form if you would like to apply to the Environmental Access Fund for tuition assistance.  If you would like to contribute towards tuition assistance for others, please click here: Environmental Access Fund.



Space is limited!

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