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Dear Friends, Earth Keepers and Visionaries,

As the decade spirals to a close, we are reflecting on themes that have emerged at the farm.  Most prominently:  People are seeking sanctuary.  Places to rest, connect with nature’s wisdom and learn to hear their own inner guidance during these rapidly changing times.  Tuning in to become more conscious of what their greatest gifts are for themselves, the Earth, humanity and All Beings.  To discern what actions to take next.  Are you discovering what living consciously means for you?  Here are 6 ways we experienced it this year at Shimmering Light!




“After a tumultuous start in life, I struggled with distracting myself through substance abuse. I've been healing from sexual assaults and an experience of domestic violence. I knew the key to my health and happiness lay in community. I had no idea what Shimmering Light was about when a dear friend referred me here. The Farm and Renewal center has been a sanctuary of healing as well as of growth. Being able to connect to the life force in herbs, the orchard, and garden has brought me into deeper relationship to myself, other people and all Creation. I'm so grateful to be here.”

– Asha S.

HERB CIRCLE germinated as Herb Haven, specifically for women moving through serious life challenges.  It has blossomed into a learning community for everyone as we all need the wisdom of the plants and each other, no matter where our life journey has taken us.

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“The Water Stewards program teaches some of the most profound lessons I think all students should experience: intimate connection with the earth, practical lessons on building and sustaining a human community, and deep respect for all living things. My son is using some of the skills he learned as we work to return our suburban yard to a vital, productive state, and my 12-year-old nephew was excited to return with walking onions to plant at his own home. I love that they learned both practical and spiritual lessons in such a gorgeous setting. “

– Rachel S.

WATER STEWARDS involved over 150 youth this year who worked to solve a real-world problem: insufficient quantity and quality of water on our community farm.  Now, at the end of Year Three, our new permaculture gardens and food forest are thriving brilliantly with no need for irrigation!

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“Shimmering Light retreats are restorative for the body, mind and spirit.  Something that has struck me again and again is this profound reconnection with my wild mind while I am on the land there.  When offered an invitation to write, take a medicine walk, or find a sit spot, I experience internal quiet yet feel strongly in touch with inspiration of a non-intellectual variety.  Words, ideas and feelings flow in a connected, non-linear way.  Some of my “creations” seem to write themselves, like a download.  Time at the farm creates space for rest, growth, clarity and much more. “

– Gaylinn G.

SHIMMERING LIGHT RENEWAL CENTER continues to grow as we offer a quiet place for reflection and connection to both individuals and groups...listening for that small, still voice within.

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More than any other celebration in December, the annual Winter Solstice celebration at Shimmering Light connects me to the moment of deep and profound quiet and inner joy that the season represents for me.”  -Nancy R

Acknowledging, celebrating and sharing gratitude for the land and all the beings who sustain us is part of our reciprocal relationship with this abundant Earth in all of our programs from Spring Equinox through Winter Solstice.

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"After watching my daughter experience profound personal growth while participating in Herb Circle, I knew I had to give back (with both time and treasure) to help Shimmering Light’s wonderful programs continue to thrive – first as a volunteer and now as a Board member."

  – Jerry H.

Learning to give and receive in all of our relationships, with the land and beyond the land, is a blessing we need for a regenerative society.


We receive infinite blessings and we give what we are called to.


Here we welcome all participants regardless of ability to pay, share our abundance with food cupboards and soup kitchens, provide free educational programs for community groups, make and collect supplies for homeless and migrant people and so much more...


Breathing in awe amidst the shimmering dance of hundreds of Monarchs on the Godenrod; basking in the aroma and embrace of our young White Pine grove while visiting with the Bluebirds; savoring the sticky sweet goodness of multitudes of berries, some planted here in the 1940’s when this was a berry farm, making a resurgence now; laying on the Earth witnessing the alternately playful/harassing antics of a Bald Eagle and a Raven…priceless moments that inspire and guide us on so many levels. It’s an honor, a privilege and a great responsibility to be one of the stewards here, one that I am beyond grateful to be sharing with more and more others!  - Deb Denome

The Earth has her own consciousness and her own impulse to evolve and co-create with humanity and All Beings.  We have been listening to this land intently these last years and have been guided to let the back 20 acres of the farm re-wild.  The explosion in diversity of flora and fauna has been breathtaking as the more-than-human world also finds sanctuary here.

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Over the past 20+ years, we have facilitated numerous programs that have touched the lives of many. If you have been inspired yourself, hope to participate in the future, or just want to support our effort to sustain this space and place, please consider a year-end donation of $20 (or a multiple of that!).  We would be so grateful.  Here’s how:


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PO Box 599

Canandaigua, NY 14424

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Stay tuned for exciting plans for next year involving expanded community, men’s programs and more!


In the Light,

Deb Denome, Bob Bulger, Jen Weber, Jerry Hiller, Nancy Rizzolo, Kay Megorden-Staten, Mary Beth & Peter Gamba, Annie & Mike O’Reilly, Asha Sukha and Joan Ruffels

The Guiding Lights of Shimmering Light Farm & Renewal Center


You can make a donation via PayPal with a credit card, even if you don't have a PayPal account.


Shimmering Light Farm & Renewal Center is a DBA of Seeking Common Ground, Inc, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.   You may obtain a copy of the last financial report filed by the organization with the NYS attorney general by visiting

Thank you for your Generous Support!!

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