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Shimmering Light


INTRODUCTORY MESSAGE FROM HELEN SMITH, new Board Chair of the Steward Circle

I’m delighted to be the new Board Chair for Shimmering Light, where my connection has deepened over the past three years as event attendee, community garden volunteer, organizational steward, and now chair. I first met Deb in 2019 at a women’s leadership conference, which I attended in the hopes of finding a new direction for a healthier mind, body, and soul. Deb’s Forest Bathing presentation and our subsequent conversations made it obvious that she, this organization, and this special place where “Soil Meets Soul” could offer that path. This was just before Covid arrived, and since then so much has changed that it’s become even clearer that nature connection offers what so many of us are now seeking.


So, what exactly does that mean for Shimmering Light, and how can we create a community with the environment and opportunities necessary for healing today and in the future? Those are questions that we as a board of stewards and volunteers have been asking ourselves over the last few months. Our answers always begin by recognizing that the land, soil, plants, and all the beings are always there ready to support us. If we work to regenerate all that they require, then in turn we can experience reciprocal regeneration ourselves.   


How will we do that? All the components are already in place at the farm, with the community gardens, orchard, Gathery, Renewal House, barn, trails, ponds, and all the life that lives and grows there. The educational programs, visits, community days, workdays, walks, retreats, events, projects, and products all offer opportunities to learn, connect, and grow in so many healthy nature-based ways. 


Hopefully by now you may be wondering how can I find out more or get involved? There will be many new opportunities to attend, volunteer, and support coming up soon, and these will be communicated via the website, emails, and surveys. If you have ideas or questions in the meantime, please feel free to Contact Me for an initial conversation. Thank you so much, and I very much look forward to meeting many of you.


We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Helen Smith, who brings her passion for nature-based education and her 30+ years of leadership at Eastman School of Music and the London Symphony Orchestra!  She is exceptionally skilled in creating organic systems that can support the growth of everything that wants to emerge here at the farm. 


Over the last few years our Board of Directors has transformed into this beautiful working board, who are highly involved in day to day operations.  Together we feel honored to be stewards of something super special and have revisioned the board into circles of overlapping stewardship from finance to the fields. Soon each Steward will share a bit about themselves and their role but for now, here's an overview with a couple openings. 

Lead Steward/Director: Deb Denome

Board Chair/Steward:  Helen Smith

Finance Steward (Interim):  Bob Bulger

Learning Steward: Nancy Rizzolo

Environmental Steward: Mike O'Reilly

Marketing Communications Steward: OPEN POSITION

New Generations Steward:  James Marshall

Wise Elder Stewards: Mary Beth & Peter Gamba

Advising Stewards: Jerry Hiller, Jen Weber,

Please let us know if you might be interested in learning more about either open position.  :)

STAY TUNED for more on the professional and personal gifts of each steward soon!

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