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with your Dog

Series of 3 Classes:

2022 dates TBA soon!

all classes are in-person at the farm

each class is a prerequisite for the next

This first series is limited to

4 dogs and their humans!

$105 for the whole series

As humans, we evolved out of the forest and science tells us that our first domesticated animal companions were wolves.   All modern dogs are descended from wolves, with many theories positing that we evolved together for our mutual survival. 

For those of us who are still in love with dogs, what better combination to guide us back to our natural ways of relating to our habitat and the other-than-human beings who share this precious planet with us.

dog woods1.jpg

As we consider the trio of our dogs, the forest and ourselves, we will immerse  in a series of 3 short courses.  

We will be receiving inspiration from a new, award-winning book, written by one of our Forest Therapy mentors, Nadine Mazzola, Forest Bathing with your Dog!    

​CLASS 1 - date tba - 3pm - Humans only

  • Introduction
    • What is forest bathing, What are the benefits
    • YouTube video of Nadine Mazzola, review of her book

  • Equipment needed for you and for your dog


CLASS 2 - date tba, noon - 1:30pm, Humans & Dogs

  • Basic skills for you and for your dog

  • Everyone will take home a training plan to practice for a few weeks before we head to woods in July


CLASS 3 - date tba, 10am - noon, Humans & Dogs

  • Take it to the forest!



Gail Furst is certified as a professional dog trainer through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT) and through Animal Behavior Institute as a Animal Assisted Therapy Professional. Gail has been interested in working with animals and humans for their mutual joy and comfort for over 20 years. She has developed various Animal Assisted Interventions for local hospitals, schools and long term care facilities. Gail founded the Therapy Dog International Chapter # 216 serving the Finger Lakes and Monroe County areas. Gail recently retired from Ontario ARC as the Director of Training for the Pet Connections Program.

Gail founded her own business K-9 Healers in order to teach others how to spread the benefits of pet therapy work. Her classes offer more than dog training training, students learn massage, nutrition, first aid, aroma therapy and holistic care for their companion.

Gail has been providing Animal Assisted Intervention programs to individuals with developmental disabilities, elderly, children, and inpatient psychiatric settings for over 20 years.    She is a member of The Pet Professional Guild and The Association for Force-Free Pet Professionals.


Sharing time in the forest with her dogs is one of her greatest joys!

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