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Shimmering Light Herb Circle is a vibrant and diverse educational cooperative of people developing intimate relationships with herbs, the Earth and each other.  Together we grow in health, vitality and our own unique potential.


Informal growing, harvesting, learning &

creating healthy products with wild and cultivated herbs!

   Fridays, May – October

10am to 2pm

at Shimmering Light Farm, 6141 Hicks Road, Naples, NY 14512

suggested donation of $5- $20

everyone welcome regardless of ability to contribute

first time participants, please

RSVP 2 days prior at

If you are interested in a more structured program for getting to know the herbs around us and how to be in good relationship with their gifts/medicines, check out



"The Way of Herbs is a deeply profound manner in which to live one's life.

Plants are magical beings that transform the breath of spirit so that we may

breathe... give their life blood as food and medicine that we may flourish…speak

of the wisdom of the ages in the language of flowers so that our hearts may be

nourished and our souls replenished.  Choosing to be one who works with the

essence of herbs is to live close to the Spirit of Life."        - Rosemary Gladstar


The Herb Circle germinated as Herb Haven, specifically for women moving through serious life challenges.  It has blossomed into a learning community for everyone as we all need the wisdom of the plants and each other, no matter where our life journey has taken us.  Our Environmental Access Fund provides participation for anyone who is experiencing financial hardship OR those who are Black, Indigenous, Asian, Latinx or have been otherwise racialized. Please contact Herb Circle Program Guide,  Deb Denome, at 585-394-7610 or for more information.

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