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Shimmering Light, a nonprofit community supported farm and education center, is grateful for the support of many passionate volunteers who help us fulfill our mission. We are currently looking for a volunteer intern who has working knowledge and understanding of social media and other marketing channels to help us promote our programs and grow our community. In the process you gain significant experience in event promotion, social media marketing and sustainable agriculture.   



  • Working collaboratively with the Shimmering Light education, farming, and renewal center teams, implement outreach and promotion of the Renewal Center, Educational Programming and Events via web, social media and other marketing channels.

  • Monitor and post on blogs, forums, and social networks as appropriate and provide insights into website and social media optimization

  • Attend programs and events as feasible, providing pre/post event promotion and follow-up.



This is a flexible, part time, volunteer opportunity. Students applying may be majoring in Marketing,

Business, Communications and have three years of experience with the Web, social media platforms and viral strategies. Excellent skills in writing/editing and photography are a plus. Interest in the natural environment, farming and health also a plus.


For more information and to submit your resume, please email us: (subject: Marketing Intern)

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