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Herbal Make & Take


Saturday, April 1st

10am - 12:30pm


Ready to say goodbye to dry winter skin? 


To welcome in fresh, new, glistening skin?

​​As winter recedes and the green world unfurls, we will embrace the beginning of a new cycle, a new season. When spring arrives we explore a most delightful ritual of renewal - self-love through skin-care.

Spring into New Skin with us!  Join us around the table as we mix, measure, and laugh, working with our beloved herbal allies grown and gathered with care to craft nurturing skin care products.   We will create some of our favorite, time tested products including Rosemary Gladstar's recipes for her Famous Face Cream, Facial Cleansing Grains, and Queen of Hungary’s Water Astringent. 

Learn to make each product and take your own self-made set home with you. 

Your Herbal Guides:   Shannon Hess & Deborah Denome

Suggested Tuition:  $65 or $75 with lunch.  Value of the products you will take home is $45.

LUNCH!   Stay on and share in a simple Bread and Soup lunch and fine company!   Plant based and

gluten free options.   

Interested in Fruit Tree Pruning or Food Forest Guilds?  Check out our afternoon workshop HERE!

​Registration:  Advance Registration Required HERE

Tuition Assistance:  Please indicate on the registration form if you would like to apply to the Environmental Access Fund for tuition assistance.  If you would like to contribute towards tuition assistance for others, please click here: Environmental Access Fund.





Space is limited!

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