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Farm Memberships
~where soil meets soul ~

Welcome to our Community Farm Memberships! 

Now, more than ever, community = interconnection = resilience =
personal, social & environmental renewal! 

We welcome you to schedule a visit to the farm before making your decision. 
Community Farm Membership is on a sliding scale, your choice.  

Your generosity supports others to receive healing plants, nourishing food and educational programs, regardless of ability to contribute financially.                       Payment Plans Welcome.

Seed Starter



$25 - $150

  • Automatic subscription to Monthly newsletter


  • $25 discount off of any one Shimmering Light educational program.

  • Invitation to at least 1 members-only event at the farm. 

(Fruit, Nuts and Herbs)

 $151 - $250

All the benefits of Seed Starter plus:

  • Hang out, relax, and savor time in the orchard, fields and herb garden!

Community Gardener

$251 - $500

All benefits of Harvester plus:


  • U-Garden (in community!) and harvest whatever annual vegetables we grow together weekly!  **


  • You desire us to donate excess harvest to those in need.

  • Lovely Saturday picnic lunches with fellow gardeners. :)

Rain Maker


$501 - $1000 +


All benefits of Community Gardener plus:

  • Infinite gratitude for investing in a regenerative future, wherever you are located.  (*** See below for what you are funding!)


  • You plan to be a Community Gardener 




  • You desire us to donate excess harvest to those in need.

* The farm is open to Farm Members anytime and a group always gathers on Saturdays from 10am - 1pm.   Harvester includes an introductory time with a farm staffer to learn where everything is and how to harvest. 

                           Herb List here.  Perennial Fruit & Nut List here.

** We plan, grow, and harvest together and you choose what you would like to bring home.  This is a Community Garden, with Shared Risk, Shared Reward and Shared Celebration!  This is *not* a CSA but a participatory Community Garden. There are always folks gardening together in the Community Garden on Saturdays from 10-1ish.  Community Gardeners are welcome to garden other times as well.    Annual Crop List here

*** Rain Makers are supporting some fixed costs like our large liability insurance policy and regular farm maintenance of our barn well and water treatment system.

Our Environmental Access Fund will provide participation for anyone who is experiencing financial hardship OR those who are Black, Indigenous, Asian, Latinx or have been otherwise racialized.  Just check the box on the Farm Member Registration form (click the blue Join Us! button above.)



I have discovered so much more than I expected by becoming a community garden member.  As a single, retired guy, Saturdays have become my favorite way to deepen my connection with nature and with a group of  fun, bright and lively humans who have become great friends.  It's really about the sense of community that pulls me out of my regular routine and I look forward to the next garden workday all week.  I do also appreciate the exercise of gardening, getting my hands dirty and taking in the sunshine, fresh air and special ambiance of the farm.   Since I enjoy cooking, figuring out how to incorporate the bounty of the food we grow together is a fun challenge for me.  I'm so glad I joined.  The value goes far beyond the food!

  ~Bob Bulger



In Great Anticipation and Gratitude

for Being in CommUnity with


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