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All programs are led by professional educators with passion for people and our planet! They will inform and inspire you to deepen your relationship with the natural world and with one another.



All programs take place at Shimmering Light

Renewal Center

6143 Hicks Road

Naples, NY 14512


Spring Revival!

Retreat Day

Branch with Catkins

​Saturday, March 26th, 2022

10am – 4:00pm

Shimmering Light Farm & Renewal Center

Naples, NY



By late March, even if it's cold, the call of spring is unmistakable!  


Come ease out of the constricted winter chill and stretch/open into invigorating HEALTH AND VITALITY!  This will be a day of remembering how and why our relationship with the wider-than-human world (aka the rest of nature) is a radiant path to living a life of wholeness.


Evidence-Based Nature Connection Practices

Together we will learn no-cost or low-cost, evidence-based practices that lower blood pressure and stress hormone levels, reduce nervous system arousal, reduce anxiety, and improve mood and sleep.  They can also enhance immune system function, accelerate recovery from surgery or illness, increase heart rate variability and boost energy.  Many also report feeling a new sense of belonging and purpose.   Nature connection is not a nice-to-have, its a need-to-have for a healthy human. 

Fascinating Theory/Science as well as Sensory Exploration

First we’ll take a peek at the science.  We may explore Biophilia, Earthing, Schumann Resonance, Phytoncides, Geosmin, Fractals, Negative Ions, and more.   Then we'll sink into embodied experiences that feed our senses, drawing us into the richness of our environment and the Present Moment.     Whether the scientific terms excite or bore you, we promise that the experience of them will be enlivening!

Community, Fun, Nature Connection, and Luxurious Herbal Delights

We’ll be both indoors, learning and sharing in our warm, spacious Gathery - and  outdoors, taking in the emerging spring world through Shinrin-Yoku/Forest Bathing.   We'll wrap up the day with some bodily delights crafted with our plant kin (stay tuned for your choices!).


     $95 includes Lunch, Lively Discussion, Shinrin-Yoku/Forest Bathing, Bodily Delights, Fine Company and a revitalized You!

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       Space is limited.  Registration is requested by March 19th

Guides for the Day

Barb Monsour


Certified through the Association of Nature and Forest Guides and Programs, Barb recently returned to the Rochester area after 22 years living and raising children in the Syracuse area.

Barb connected with Forest Therapy about five years ago through a newspaper article shared by a friend.  She had recently journeyed through some particularly difficult life events and found the woods of Central New York and the Finger Lakes region very healing—as significantly healing as her supportive community of family and friends.  It felt like perfect timing to have been trained during the pandemic, as the program kept her focused on heart-centered nature connection practices.

Trained also as a health and medical professional, Barb has been encouraged to see the growing body of scientific evidence to support what we forest lovers have always known—spending time in and with the natural world is simply OUTSTANDING for our overall well-being!

Deb Denome


Deb Denome is an Educator,  Horticultural Therapist, Herbalist and Certified Forest Therapy Guide.  She is passionate about the expansion of human consciousness as it informs our Interdependence with All Things.  Deb's greatest joy is in helping individuals to deepen their own relationship with the Earth, each other, and our own true nature.  She finds  Forest Bathing/Shinrin-Yoku to be a profound yet simple and accessible path to expanding these connections.


Since 1997 Deb has served as Director of Shimmering Light Farm & Renewal Center.   Her previous corporate career was in international training and publishing and she was the 2008 Canandaigua Athena Award recipient for her work promoting women in leadership. Deb is blessed to live and play at Shimmering Light Farm in South Bristol, NY.  Here, overlooking Canandaigua Lake, she raised three fascinating young adults, tends abundant herb gardens, and dances as often as possible.