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“We will continue to create the other world that we are sowing – seed by seed, inch-by-inch of soil, person by person, community by community – until all of this planet is embraced in one circle of a resurgent life and resurgent love. ” – Vandana Shiva

Dearest Friends, Earth Keepers and Visionaries,


We greet you as winter settles over the farm, a quiet time for reflecting on the past year and dreaming the year ahead.  Thank you for meeting us here, for your on-going support and all the ways you sow seeds of resurgence!


This year at the farm has felt empowering, full and sweet.  Our little sanctuary has been evolving to meet the needs of our community, including the humans, the water, soil, and all the plants and animals who call this place home. 

Development pressure in our community continues to rise.  Some days we watched the increasingly intense storms carry precious topsoil from fields and newly tree-less construction sites into the lake, while also seeing increasing algal blooms.  The water supply up on our hillside continues to be tenuous.  Elder farmers muse that with most fields tiled to shunt rain water to ditches and ravines that go directly to the lake, and harder rains, there is more runoff vs. reabsorption into the upland water table.

So why have we felt empowered?  In large part due to the Water Stewards.  Our forward-looking heroes…the youth and adults who are developing a regenerative water system at the farm.  They are looking at all of the land use practices on our hillside and how we can meditate some of the “progress” in our community.  In year 2 of this 3-year project, they have installed a pilot system in our vegetable garden that worked fantastically!  In addition, they have planted trees, under-planted our orchard with perennial crops and are encouraging hedgerows to grow in old drainage swales…now slowing, sinking and spreading water into the water table up on this hillside.  This is also creating new habitats, marshy areas where new birds and medicine plants are appearing rapidly, and a two-acre Milkweed meadow that was absolutely resplendent with Monarch butterflies this year.  Formerly a berry farm, where we have stopped mowing, acres of myriad berries are emerging to nourish us and many wild friends; White Pine, Black Walnut and Wild Apples are making a comeback too – re-wilding a 30-acre peaceful sanctuary amidst another kind of “growth”.  We crave and need this balance.  And we will focus on these abundant perennial medicinal herb, fruit and nuts crops in the years ahead.  This work is being funded mainly by the Guido and Ellen Palma Foundation.

Herb Circle and our little Community Garden have continued to nestle in this sanctuary, reconnecting people with the land, each other and our own resilient, vibrant nature.  People who attend weekly are living with brain injuries, physical disabilities, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and recovery from accidents, illness, addiction and/or domestic violence.   Currently these programs are funded entirely by individual donations like yours.

Our Renewal Center hosted guests 44 of the 52 weekends of this year.  We were delighted to facilitate retreats and workshops for many local groups, non-profits and businesses focusing on their own goals and infused with whole living food, breathtaking vistas, yoga, fresh air, forest bathing, and social and environmental justice.   More new groups are already booking for next year.  Will yours?!   The Renewal Center is financially self-sustaining.

Please visit our website to make a once a year gift, this year to support Herb Circle.

Know that your contribution makes a real difference in the lives of these participants!   

With infinite gratitude and blessings to you and yours,

Deb Denome, Bob Bulger, Jen Weber, Jerry Hiller, Joan Ruffels, Kay Megorden Staten, and Mary Beth Gamba  (the Guiding Lights of Shimmering Light)

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 We are registered under our non-profit corporate name, Seeking Common Ground, Inc.



Shimmering Light Farm & Renewal Center is a DBA of Seeking Common Ground, Inc, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.   You may obtain a copy of the last financial report filed by the organization with the NYS attorney general by visiting

Thank you for your Generous Support!!  

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